Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Translating WFFM 8.1 MVC forms error messages part I

Multilingual WFFM

WebForms for Marketers has quite some issues challenges with multilingualism in version 8.1 but in this post I want to focus on the error messages. Error messages come in 2 flavors: client-side and server-side. This first post will handle the client-side validation - server side is for part II.

Client-side validation and error messages

For client-side validation we encountered several issues. First of all, we could not get the messages multi-lingual. Secondly, they didn't work for some fields (e.g. the checkbox list). So the idea we came up with is simple: we remove the client-side validation. 

Removing the client-side validation

First thing to do is disable "Is Ajax MVC Form". Normally this should be sufficient. And it will.. on the first request. But once your visitor gets a validation error (from the server-side validation) the form is reloaded and the client-side validation is back. 

So, let's go for some more serious enhancements then. We'll get rid of the javascript performing the validation!

In "sitecore modules\Web\Web Forms for Marketers\mvc" you will find (amongst others) 2 javascript files: main.js and wffm.js. 


  • Remove "jquery_validate: "sitecore%20modules/Web/Web%20Forms%20for%20Marketers/mvc/libs/jquery/jquery.validate.min",
  • Remove "jquery_validate_unobtrusive: "sitecore%20modules/Web/Web%20Forms%20for%20Marketers/mvc/libs/jquery/jquery.validate.unobtrusive.min",
  • Edit the "shim" part by removing all references to jquery_validate and jquery_validate_unobtrusive
This should result in:

  baseUrl: generateBaseUrl(),
  paths: {
   jquery: "sitecore%20modules/Web/Web%20Forms%20for%20Marketers/mvc/libs/jquery/jquery-2.1.3.min",
   jquery_ui: "sitecore%20modules/Web/Web%20Forms%20for%20Marketers/mvc/libs/jquery/jquery-ui-1.11.3.min",
   bootstrap: "sitecore%20modules/Web/Web%20Forms%20for%20Marketers/mvc/libs/bootstrap/bootstrap.min",
   wffm: "sitecore%20modules/Web/Web%20Forms%20for%20Marketers/mvc/wffm.min"
  waitSeconds: 200,
  shim: {
    "bootstrap": {
      deps: ["jquery"]
    "jquery_ui": {
      deps: ["jquery"]
    "wffm": {
      deps: ["jquery", "jquery_ui", "bootstrap"]


In wffm.js there are several lines referring to the validation which will show errors in your browsers console when you do not remove them. So we started cleaning up.. posting the whole resulting javascript file would be a bit too long but if you take these steps you will get there:

  • remove the "if (ajaxForm)" part
  • remove the $scw.validator.setDefaults part
  • search for validator and remove the references
  • remove any now unused functions 

And last but not least: as you could see in main.js, the minified version of wff.js is used so you will need to minify your changed version and overwrite wffm.min.js.


  1. Hi miauw,

    We are using sitecore 8.1 update 1 and wffm 8.1 update.
    Facing issue with wffm form client validation.
    Attributes like data-val-required,data-val-length,data-val-multiregex are not getting added to the form controls(textbox,dropdwons).

    If you have work around for this,please share with me. It would be helpful for us. Thanks in advance.

    1. IF you have work around for this, please share me as soon as possible.

    2. I don't really have a quick answer on that one as I had to remove the client-side validation for not being translatable. I can advice you to post your question on the community and/or StackOverflow.

    3. Thanks for your reply!

  2. @dinesh.. I'm also facing the same issue.. If you found any solution, could you please help me!!