Thursday, May 26, 2016

Sitecore item buckets view settings

Item buckets and the content editor

You have probably heard and seen item buckets already. The basic information can be found on Sitecore's documentation site. In the content editor, the items in a bucket are hidden by default (the documentation shows you how to view them anyway if you want) and the editor is encouraged to use the search. After searching, the results are displayed and the editor can pick an item to edit. By default, this item opens in a tab:

The tab... nested

Once your editor has selected an item, he will get a tab with a nested view. Inside the tab is the ribbon for the current item. Although this all works, we had some editors that got confused. They used the top ribbon to start a publish, hereby publishing the whole bucket. 
So we went looking for options to tweak this, and we found them. In the box.  

Item bucket settings

At "/sitecore/system/Settings/Buckets/Item Buckets Settings" you will find a field called "Show Search Results In". The default value is "New Tab".
The options are:
  • New Tab : [default value] a selected items opens in a tab
  • New Tab Not Selected: as new tab without selection
  • New Content Editor: this might be the one you want.. it will open the selected item not in a new tab, but in a new editor window. If you are in the desktop mode, you will get this window full size and can switch between the windows through the bottom bar. In the content editor mode the new window will not be full sized when created, and will look more like an overlay.
Note that these settings are for all buckets in the system and for all users, so you might need to talk to multiple editors to ask there preference.

Enjoy, you just might have made your editors happy!

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