Monday, August 15, 2016

EasyLingo 2.1: multi-site, multi-lingual and now with XP editor support

EasyLingo 2.1

EasyLingo 2.1 was just released to the marketplace. After version 1 we promised to include support for the experience editor and so we did. Kris wrote a nice post about the how-to.

Once in the experience editor, in the view tab amongst the other "bars" you can select the "Language bar" and you will get the same EasyLingo experience as in the content editor.

We also added one more (optional) version section: in Sitecore you can create versions of an item in languages that are not registered in the systems settings. These versions are now listed as well -separately- by the module. Note that these versions will always use a general flag as we cannot detect it from the system items.

More information on this great module in my previous post. You can find the code and all documentation files on GitHub.  The module itself is available on the Sitecore marketplace.

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