Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Sitecore SXA: PageList component with an Item Query

Sitecore Experience Accelerator (SXA) PageList component & Item Queries

Our requirement was simple: 
Display a set of fields from a list of items, based on a single template under a root item.
We checked the available components in SXA to see if we could do this in a decent way (and without any custom code) and found the PageList component:
Displays lists of pages by predefined or composed queries.

Item Queries as from SXA 1.3

We are using SXA 1.3 and in that version we can define Item Queries in the Settings of the site:

As you can see here we created an Item Query called "Speakers".
We used the "Build query" option on the Query field to create a query to select the desired template at a location. We could extend this with more clauses if needed.

The query build tool looks very familiar to editors who are used to work with the search tools in Sitecore and creates a search index query. You can see the resulting query in the Crawling log file.

Page List

The Page List component has a few options to determine the resulting items. 


The "datasource" field also has a "Build query" option. Our first attempt was actually to use this to build our entire query but that failed as we did get multiple results and Sitecore does not like that in the Datasource field. So you have the options to simply select a single item as source or use a query to determine the datasource (but make sure that query does not return more than 1 item or the control will fail). You can combine the item datasource with a query (like the predefined "Children"). 

But in our case we didn't need a datasource as we had set everything on the query - not exactly sure how everything is handled behind the scenes, but as far as I could see they used a combination of the datasource and the query so a single index query seems a better option here.

Source Type

This is the option we did use - by creating our "item query" we added a new option to this dropdown (next to the standard ones):
We select our item query "Speakers" as source type. Save, publish, ..  and there is our list with the exact items we wanted.

Fields - Variants

In order to display the fields we want in the list, we can use Variants. How to create a variant is explained on the Sitecore doc site. In short:

  1. Go to /sitecore/content/[tenant folder/tenant/site/...]/Presentation/Rendering Variants/Page List
  2. Create a new Variant Definition
  3. Add all the VariantFields you want (mark them as link if you want them to link to the underlying item - for a page list you probably want at least one of them to do so)
  4. Select your newly created variant in the Styling properties of the control on your page


Thanks to Dawid (daru) & Adam (adamnaj) for the support on Sitecore Slack - the SXA channel there is a real good place to get help!  Next to Sitecore Stack Exchange of course, already having 58 questions on the SXA tag as we speak (and apparently even one where item queries are covered - d'oh).

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