Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Sitecore admin page in 9.0.2

Sitecore admin pages

Most Sitecore developers will probably know that Sitecore has some admin pages in /sitecore/admin.
Jammykam wrote a very good overview on it in 2016 as we did get an overview page of the admin tools in v8.1.

Sitecore admin pages in 9.0.2

Recently I installed the (now) latest version of Sitecore, 9.0.2. The admin tools are still there, but wow.. they did get an update. The page went from looks-like-this-is-made-by-a-developer to something that fits in the admin interface of Sitecore.

As you can see there are also a few new additions. I won't go over the existing ones (they have been explained in the aformentioned blog by Kamruz or also here by Kris).

New additions

One that was added with Sitecore 9 already was the extended show config:: Show Config Layers. It will bring you to /sitecore/admin/ShowConfigLayers.aspx and allows you to see your configuration based on layers and roles. Would have been nice if environments were able as well, but haven't found that yet.

But the one I really wanted to mention, is a new and very cool one: the Support Package generator.  Yes, no need to install this anymore - you can generate your support packages from the admin section of the site now! Very nice, and always up to date. Available at /sitecore/admin/supportpackage.


  1. Support Package Generator was introduced in 8.2, mentioned at the end of my post :D

    1. Oh nice! tldr :) I totally missed that one. At least the colours are still new :)